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                                                      Number of Homeless and Their Needs


As per a recent survey, there are around 540 homeless people in Coimbatore next only to Chennai. There are 257 men, 36 women and 86 families who are homeless and street dwelling. There are various social issues caused by these street dwellers as below

  • They use streets and open areas as toilets which causes health issues to people
  • Many anti social activities like kidnapping are done in the blanket of street dwelling
  • Cleanliness of the city is affected.

As per the survey there are 284 homeless people in west zone and 133 in the north zone. Coimbatore with a population of around 34.6 Lakh people (As per 2011 census) would need shelters to accommodate atleast 3400 homeless people (As per National Urban Livelihood Mission, NULM norms, 1 shelter with 100 capacity for every 1 Lakh people is necessary).

Population spread and work potential

As per the survey, the homeless population spread has only 21% of elderly people who needs 100% support. Rest of the 79% population can be involved livelihood generation partially or fully.


Also, the population has around 47% who has been migrated to Coimbatore for work and livelihood generation. 19% of homeless population is unemployed and are in poverty

Taking into account the above statistics, atleast 50% of the homeless population are having the potential to work and are in need to some opportunity to work. We are aiming to tap this potential to make them one family where 50% earn for the rest. This can in due course convert

This can in due course convert the help seekers to be self reliant and earn their own livelihood.

Shelter plan

We are planning to procure 2 acres of land out of which 25% ( 50 cents) will be utilized for building shelter and 75% (1.5 acre) for creating the livelihood activities.

Shelter (50 Cents) will be utilized for the following

  • As per the NULM norms, 50 Sq.ft of space will be provided for each person. We are aiming to provide shelter for atleast 300 person in the first phase. Which would occupy around 15000 sq.ft (Around 34.5 Cents).


  • Around 15 to 20 toilets per 100 person will be built.


Description Cents Sq.Ft Purpose
Shelter area 34.5 15042 50 Sq.ft for 300 person
Toilets 2.5 1090 6 *  sq.ft room of 20 numbers
Locker rooms 2.5 1090 2 * 4 area for 1 locker with 3 layers. 8Sq.ft for 3 persons
Medical facility 5 2180 20 beds
Miscellaneous 4.5 1962  Recreation rooms, Kitchen room, Dinning rooms, Tution classes and other amenities
Total 50 21800  




Lively hood plan

The remaining 1.5 acres of land will be utilized to develop the livelihood options like the below.

  • Nursery (Herbal, Flower nursery)
  • Paper plate manufacturing
  • Paper cups manufacturing
  • Jute fiber manufacturing
  • Vermicompost
  • Organic farming
  • Honey bee farming
  • Organic vegetable stalls
  • Other organic product manufacturing

Facilities in Shelter

  • Well ventilated rooms
  • Water arrangements (Portable drinking water and water for sanitations)
  • Adequate bath and toilet facility
  • Good standard lighting
  • Fire protection
  • First aid kit
  • Pest control and mosquito control
  • Laundary
  • Common kitchen and cooking spaces, Utensils for food preparation and serving and gas connection
  • Child care facility with linking to nearest Anganwadi centre
  • Facilities for convergence with other services
  • Necessary medical assistance.

Links with other Entitlements

  • Identity proof and postal address
  • Elector’s photo identity card
  • Bank or post office accounts
  • PDS Ration card
  • Admission to government school
  • Admission to government hospitals


Operation and Management

The operation will be headed by one manager and 5 to 6 care takers. The operation will be jointly handled by

  • NGO personnel
  • Homeless person collectives
  • Youth and Women welfare organizations
  • University and Institution volunteers
  • General public

Documents that will be maintained

  • Shelter asset Inventory
  • Accounts register and cash book to monitor day to day expenses
  • Attendance register
  • Salary Maintenance register
  • Housekeeping register
  • Suggestion and Feedback register



We need support from government (Under the SUH plan) for the following.

  • Toll free number for the public to call in case they come across any street dwellers
  • Police support in case of violence in rescue and rehabilitant operations
  • Ambulance access
  • 2 Acres of land on long term lease
  • Operation cost for first 5 years from the start of shelter as per SUH norms below



In case of death of the shelter dwellers and there are no family member who could be contacted, Nizhal Maiyam would need permission to due the final rituals and proceedings in the nearest crematory.




NULM Documents


Public opinion and survey will be conducted on this ideation to gather their support, involvement and encourage them in volunteering.