Nizhal Maiyam was the first Organization who came with An idea of providing Shelter for the Beggars and  their Rehabilitation.Their plan of Action was to bring the Beggars under one shelter, along with good hygieneFacilities. To avoid them by keeping lazy this organization Had planned engaging them in works like Tailoring, hand Crafts, etc so that they can rehabilitate their live without Any hesitation.

Their first step was to send petitions to Government Officials of Tamil Nadu starting from to our honorable District Collector on 31.08.2009 petition No: 7740,P.no.8183 on 7.09.2009, p.no. 8710 on 14.09.2009,P.no.9295 on 5.10.2009, p.no. 12615 on 30.11.2009,P.no.10404 on 26.10.2009, p.no.836 on 28.01.2013 Respectively. This followed by sending petitions to our Former President Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam on 20.10.2009.Next to Mr. Kalanithimaran, Sun Group on 17.12.2009,To Mr. Venkatachalam Mayor on 27.11.2009, Mr. Ansul Mizhra Corporation Commissioner on 11.06.2010. This organization meanwhile adopted 47 beggars into their custody by the police force. These people were taken to Anbalaya at Kasturinaickenpalayam. But the place was Insufficient for all to Accommodate. So Nizhal Maiyam Started to seek help from Government to provide 2 acres of land for the Beggars shelter. This Petition was sent to Chief Minister cell. Nizhal Maiyam received reply letter from the CM cell. F/183917 on 29.09.2009 stating that our requestation has been forwarded to District Collectors Attention.  After that Nizhal Maiyam to Public Sett p.no.F/351482 on 12.07.2011. This Effort of Nizhal Maiyam did not stop. They again send petition to M.K.Stalin Deputy CM , Mrs. Prathiba Patel The President,Mr. Pongalur Palaniswamy, Minister and to Mr.R.Painthamil Paari, Chairman South zone on 26.11.2009. There was reply on 30.11.2009 (F/267929) for the petition sent. Though Nizhal Maiyamn Had moved its step forward to join hands with other Organization and public people to make this society a Beggar free since there was no response or necessary Action taken place by even Social welfare Committee. So Again for the second time forward the petition to Social Welfare Committee on 2.09.2010. As a result of this effort Nizhal Maiyam Received a fast reply from them on 15.09.2010. But due to constant Compelling to Government officials Mr. Murugan had to undergo Verification purpose from the Commissioner office.Surprisingly Nizhal Maiyam received a letter from the Government of Karnataka stating that the Mr. Murugan And his organizations effort and Idea of making a Beggar Free society was very brilliant and they would pass this Petition to Tamil Nadu Government for the necessary Support. This motivated Mr.Murugan to work hard on this Project even throughout lots of interruptions and hurdles.Though Mr. Murugan’s concentration was to get Shelter for Beggars simultaneously he campaign flag Awareness to everyone for violating and using of plastic in flag And throwing the flags on the roads after Flag Hoisting. He   Raised several questions to Social Welfare Committee regarding the Disrespect of flag and Cleanliness surrounding the Park on 19.11.2009 and there by sending petitions to District Collector on 16.12.2010 and to The President on 29.01.2011. This created great Impact on the public. Mr.Murugan received a reply letter from The President congratulating him for his great andRespect towards his country. Nizhal Maiyam Mr. Mrugan Not only stopped with this he also Conducted Rallyprogramme. The destination started from V.K.K. Menon street to V.O.C.Park every year. He started this programme from 26.01.2010 and continued once in every year (26.01.2011/ 26.01.2012.) Mr. Murugan was Motivated and acknowledged for this programme by Mr.Ansul Mizhra Corporation Commissioner on 15.04.2010. The Vision and Mission of this programmes Was to work towards creating better society and to provide Basic amenities of life.

Mr. Murugan started providing food the signature “SambarRice” from 1998. He started giving food for 25 peopleWeekly on every Sundays which was for 300 people that Year. On 1999 this number increased to 100people every Week there by for 4800 people that year. On 2000 he Served for 250 and for 12, 000 people. On 2001 for 300 and the people increased to14, 400.  On 2002 for 350 people.and the number was increased to 16, 800 People that year. On 2008 this number increased to 750 people per week that of 36,000 people that year.Today he is capable of serving 1230 people per week Which leads to 59,400 people a year.