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Next week program on 29.05.16 we are going to provide breakfast for 984 children and elderly person in orphanages (6am to 9am) Kindly join us. We will start preparing food by 2 am till 5.30 am, interested persons can help us. by NIZHAL MAIYAM TEAM


If you are someone like us, who has paused – in this fast paced world – to think about those in the weaker section of the society who have been deprived of even the most basic needs, let alone a stable income and a happy home, and want to do something to help them and care for them, you are at the right place! Nizhal Maiyam welcomes you with open arms!

The activities of this non-profit organization are directed towards the uplifting those individuals who have been rejected by family and others in the society. We do not run an orphanage; nor do we believe in charity. All that we do is act as a link between givers and receiver.

If you want to help someone in need, but do not know how, we are here to assist you. We serve as the liaison between you and the needy and you can count on us to take the right things to them.

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